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Ohara basin in Kyoto


Ohara basin in Kyoto
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Ohara (大原・ O-o-ha-ra)

A quiet satoyama(里山・outskirt of country) with a full nature

Ohara is the small basin located in the northeastern part of Kyoto city.
It’s 60 minutes bus ride from JR Kyoto Station.
It has been known as place to which nobility retreated from the hustle and bustle of the capital.
The village is studded with temples. It is the birthplace of Tendai Shomyo(天台声明・Buddhist sutra chanting) and has been known as a sacred spot for more than a thousand years.

Sanzen-in Temple (三千院)

Landmark of Ohara

Sanzen-in Temple is one of the five Tendai Sect Monzeki(門跡) Buddhist temples.
There are many buildings and two famous gardens.
“Shuheki-en Garden”(聚碧園) was designed to be appreciated from Kyaku-den(客殿・guest hall).
“Yusei-en Garden”(有清園) is a chisen-kaiyushiki garden(池泉回遊式庭園・Japanese style garden with a path around a central pond and spring). Ohjo Gokuraku-in hall(往生極楽院)(Amitabha hall・阿弥陀堂), the oldest of the buildings at Sanzen-in temple, is standing among the Japanese cedar trees of the garden. The view from Shin-den(宸殿・main house) is full of mystical atmosphere.

Jakko-in Temple(寂光院)

Famous Tendai sect nunnery as a tragic heroin lived

It is said that this temple was founded by Shotoku Taishi(聖徳太子・Prince Shotoku・574-622).
Today it is popular as the place in which Kenreimon-in Tokuko(建礼門院徳子1155-1213) lived in seclusion as described in “The tale of the Heike ”(平家物語).
She was the daughter of Taira-no-Kiyomori(平清盛・1118-1181). And after the fall of Taira clan, she became a nun and lived all her life to pray and mourn the passing of her son, Emperor Antoku(安徳天皇・1178-1185), and Taira clan.
It is also famous for it’s elegant precinct.

Hosen-in temple(宝泉院)

Known as Gakubuchi-teien(額縁庭園・picture frame garden)

Autumn with beautiful leaves

Sanzen-in Raigo-in(来迎院) Jakko-in

Otonashi- no- taki(音無の滝・soundlessness waterfall)

Standing under a waterfall with chanting the sutras is one of the method of ascetic training


People can enjoy flowers and leaves in all seasons especially cherry blossoms in spring, green young leaves in early summer and autumnal tints. And the whole area covered with snow is one of the winter attractions.
※Monzeki Temple(門跡寺院): a temple of high rank where members of imperial family and nobility enter the priesthood.

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