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World Heritage  Kyoto Japan Kamigamo-jinja and it’s Area


   World Heritage  Kyoto Japan                              Kamigamo-jinja  and it’s Area
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Enshrined Deity Kamo-wake-ikazuchi-no-kami(賀茂別雷神)

This shrine is said to be the oldest Shinto(神道) shrine in ancient Kyoto.
The shrine buildings retaining the style of the early Heian Period(平安時代794-1192).
Hon-den(本殿・main sanctuary) was constructed in 1863, retaining its classic Heian style. Gon-den(権殿・temporary hall) was also constructed in the same year. It is an exact replica of the main sanctuary, as a kind of reserve shrine, These two have been designated as National Treasures.
And there are more than 30 constructions which have been designated as Important Cultural Properties on the grounds.

Kamo-no-keiba   A horse competition ritual

One of a Shinto ritual

There is a lot of Shinto rituals in the Shrine. People always enjoy the Shinto festivals as a part of those rituals.
Kamo Sai(賀茂祭) also known as Aoi Matsuri(葵祭・hollyhock festival) originated in the middle of the 6th century.
The procession of this festival, about 500 people participate to start from the Imperial Palace of Kyoto(京都御所) to Kamigamo-jinja via Shimogamo-jinja(下賀茂神社), wearing the costumes of the Heian age, ancient Japan.
It looks like a picture scroll for a dynasty.

Nishimura-ke(西村家) Former residence of Shinto priest

Only one Shake(社家) residence under open to the public

Shake is a Shinto priest serving a shrine on a hereditary basis.
This residence has the characteristics of Shake style during the Edo period.

Aoi Matsuri

The Festival is held on May 15

Shake-machi town                    Shake residences and Myojin-gawa river

Kamigamo Important Preservation Distincts for Groups of Historic Buildings in Kyoto

Rabbitear iris of Ohta-no-sawa swamp

Natural Monument


he water is one of the most important needs for the Shinto rituals (to perform ablutions).
The water of the Shake residences is drawn from the Myojingawa-river, flows in front of the residences.

Dreamers!でお小遣い稼ごう 今すぐ無料登録
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  • 稼げる無料ブログ Dreamers! 今すぐ始めよう






藤沢涼×高嶋美里!普通の人が1億円作る為の設計図 無料プレゼント!