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World Heritage Kyoto    Shimogamo-jinja


World Heritage  Kyoto    Shimogamo-jinja
  • 今すぐビットコインを手に入れるたった2つの方法
  • 今すぐビットコインを手に入れるたった2つの方法

Shimogamo-jinja(下鴨神社) shrine

Officially named Kamo-mioya-jinja(賀茂御祖神社)

According to the myth, the ancestor of the Kamo clan, Kamo-taketsunomi-no-mikoto (賀茂建角身命・one of the deity of the Shrine), is said to have descended to earth.
The history of the Shimogamo shrine extends at least two thousand years.
Higashi-hon-den(東本殿・east main sanctuary) and Nishi-hon-den(西本殿・west main sanctuary) have been designated as National Treasures.
And there are about 30 constructions which have been designated as Important Cultural Properties on the grounds.
※Shimogamo-izumikawa-cho sakyo-ku Kyoto,Japan606-0807

Tadasu-no-mori(糺の森) forest

The forest spans over 12 hectares

Tadasu-no-mori is the sacred area of Shimogamo-jinja,
In early summer the forest trees verdant with young leaves, birds singing in the trees. There are also some historical steams run with clear and pure water.

Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa

Important Cultural Property

This Villa is located to the south side of Shimogamo Shrine.
It was established as a villa for all the Mitsui Families.
The main building was relocated to the present location in 1925.
The buildings have been maintained in a superb condition and are highly valued as a fine example of a large scale classical Japanese residence.
※Shimogamo Miyagawa-cho ,Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0801
【Inquiries】Kyoto City Tourism Association Tel 075-213-1717


Important Cultural Property

Yabusame one of the Shinto ritual

Horseback archery

Distant view of Tadasu-no-mori

one meaning of “tadasu” is delta

Shimogamo-jinja and Kamigamo-jinja

These two Shrines are generaly named Kamo-jinja.
Kamo-jinja encompasses what are now independent but traditionally associated jinja.
These two shrines are located between Kamo-gawa river(left) and Takano-gawa river(right). And the two rivers mingle their waters here, to the south of the Tadasu-no-mori.

Dreamers!でお小遣い稼ごう 今すぐ無料登録
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